Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Chengdu Sport University & Study in cdsu

Admission Information

I. Admission requirements

●Undergraduate requirements

◇ Possessing high school degree, under 28 old.

◇ Good health, no infective disease.

◇ Language requirements





HSK5 grade



HSK5 grade

Math exam

Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.)

HSK6 grade


Human Science of Sports

HSK6 grade


Other Specialties

HSK3 grade

●Postgraduate requirements

◇ Possessing bachelor degree( showing the original), recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors.

◇ Taking and passing the test from CSU.

◇ Good health, no infective disease.

◇ Language requirements. Sino-Western Combined Clinic Science needs 6 grade, the other specialties need 5 grade.

II. APPLICATION procedure and time

●Application for admission before Aug. 20 or Feb. 10 each year.

●More details from international students application procedure.

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